Mean Maureen’s Internet Round Up!


Hi all!  It’s FRIDAY WOO!!!!  Hopefully you’re not being attacked by birds in a dystopian theme park!  (But we’ll get to that later.)  Anyway, Friday is pretty meaningless to me this week, because I’ve been sick and working from home most of the week, but still, I’m trying to be enthusiastic!  (Enthusiasm is hard when you’re sick.  So is spelling, apparently, because I misspelled enthusiasm like, 3 times just then.)

BUT ANYWAY, there is a big, wide world out there, still spinning and doing stuff, even though I’ve mostly been in bed, rewatching 30 Rock from episode one.  (So good.  So comforting.)

Here are my favorite things from this week, that I observed through a foggy, sick haze:

As I shared with my Facebook friends (to various reactions of terror and delight) a design firm has come up with a legit INSANE idea for a pool to connect two buildings in London.

Also, this week was an embarrassment of riches on the cute front, with this guilty as sin tater tot thief, and this Golden Retriever puppy who is possibly the worst fisher-dog in the world.  (Both courtesy of Dlisted.)

In science news, the geniuses at MIT have figured out how to 3D print glass, and it is seriously MESMERIZING to watch!

In just plain awesome news, a tiny town in Michigan decided to send all of its kids to college, and it changed the whole community in wonderful, education positive ways.

From the art world, we got an eyeful from Banksy and his new work, a dystopian theme park called Dismaland, constructed on the grounds of an abandoned swimming resort.  And if you like the looks of that, you’ll probably enjoy this LA Times round up of 21 Creepiest Abandoned Amusement Parks.

And finally, my dear friend Liz Miller of Indiewire, wrote what I would have to call the definitive Skip it or Watch it Guide for the X-Files.  So, if you’re considering a series re-watch before the new X-Files comes out in January, that should be your Bible.  (PS – GUYS, I AM SO NERVOUS ABOUT THE NEW X-FILES, I AM GOING TO GET AN ULCER.)

And that’s it for this week!  Happy Friday!  I hope your weekend is fun and considerably less phlegmy than mine surely will be!

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