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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!

Happy Day Before Halloween, people!  Don’t forget to stock up on candy for trick or treaters, and oh yeah, please don’t copy any of these horrifying Peanuts Halloween costumes the Today show trotted out to remind us the true meaning of terror!  I mean…


I seriously have this photo saved as “nightmare fuel” on my desktop.

If you’re some sort of masochist who wants to see ALL of the horrific Peanuts themed costumes, here, you sick bastard.

Need a palate cleanser after that?  Of course you do.  Here, look at this beautiful wolf, checking out a research camera in his habitat.

Also, here’s a fun story about a guy meeting his doppleganger, who was sitting in his seat on a plane.

Getting back on the Halloween related links though, here’s Popular Science nerding out on Halloween candy and what exactly is in it.  (The deconstructed Snickers still looks delicious to me, btw.)

Also, Buzzfeed has an article about what it’s like to be a Halloween costume model.

And finally, here’s the latest from Josh Sundquist, an awesome guy who lost his left leg to cancer as a child and who is now a motivational speaker and basically King of Halloween Costumes.

Happy Halloween weekend, all!  Try not to eat all of your candy before the trick or treaters arrive!  (I am going to buy candy I don’t really like to prevent that from happening to me.  Sorry kids, who will be getting Jolly Ranchers, World’s Worst Candy.)

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.47.06 AM

Hello, dear readers!  Today is a fun day in Mean Maureenland – it’s my birthday AND, as of today, I officially have 100 days left until Baby Mean arrives.  (Of course, babies rarely arrive on their exact due dates, but is important for me to mark these milestones because pregnancy lasts approximately INFINITY DAYS and I need to feel like I’m making progress.)  So, huzzah!  Huzzah to me for staying alive another year, and huzzah to baby Mean for growing like a champ and getting closer and closer to joining us in the Land Outside My Womb (which is also the title of an absolutely horrible children’s book I just came up with.)

ANYWAY, weekend!  In honor of my birthday and Halloween, I’m gonna do a fall themed round up today.  Perhaps you are celebrating Halloween a bit early with some parties?  Perhaps you are going out for a hike wherever you are, enjoying the brisk fall weather and crisp, fallen leaves?  Or, you know, if you live in LA like me, you are going to be expending most of your energy denying the fact that is going to be 90 god damned degrees in my neighborhood tomorrow.  BUT WHATEVER, I’M STILL GOING TO PRETEND IT’S FUN FALL TIME.

For example, I’m going to order some of these adorable literary themed tights to wear and ward off the chill in the air!

And maybe I’ll make a version of these cute spider chocolate chip cookies!

Or drink these delicious looking fall themed mocktails!

Maybe I’ll channel my inner Martha Stewart (okay, fine, more like my inner Pinterest fail) and carve or decorate a pumpkin!

And you know what?  Fuck you, unseasonably warm weather, I’M MAKING SOME GOD DAMNED PUMPKIN SOUP.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, whatever the weather, and that I can tone down my hostility toward mother nature enough to enjoy my own weekend!  See you Monday!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!


I begin this week’s internet round up with a question – how many tabs is too many tabs to be open on your computer at one time?  I have 16 right now.  Between 7-15 is relatively standard for me.  Is that too many?  Is it… CRAZILY too many?  Am I some sort of tab hoarder who can’t accept the fact that I’m never going to read that article about the guy who survived 8 Nazi death camps?  OR, should I actually read that article right now? And maybe you should too???  It is the weekend, after all, and what better time to get in our long read articles we haven’t found time for throughout the week.

So here, I have a few:

First, since I already mentioned it, the BBC article about a man who survived 8 separate Nazi concentration camps.

Also, from BBC, the story of the world’s youngest cryogenically frozen child.

I actually did get around to reading this one, about why white people won’t choose predominantly black schools, but I would like to read it again and share it with everyone I know because it is really, really good and important to think about.

And in my absolute favorite headline of the week, “Have we discovered megastructures built by aliens around a distant star?”  I don’t know, but that sounds freaking amazing!

But perhaps you’re looking for something a little lighter and more adorable than stories about the Holocaust and aliens who almost certainly could destroy us?  What about some photos of dogs flying through the air and looking hilarious then?

And with that, IT’S THE FREAKIN, WEEKEND, MAN.  (I don’t feel like I entirely pulled off the use of that phrase, but it’s Friday and I no longer care.)  Have a great one!  See you Monday!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!


Oh good lord, guys.  I am embarrassed to admit how tired I have gotten and I’m only just about to start my 24th week of pregnancy.  :/  So um… only about 16 weeks and 1 day left!  S-I-G-H.  In related news, I have a newfound appreciation for the toughness of every woman who has ever been pregnant, especially those who work much more physical and demanding jobs than me!  But enough about my complaints – as for this weekend?  I just want to meld with my couch and relax.  I have been collecting some interesting or fun things I want to read during my couch blobbin’ – perhaps they may appeal to you too!

First, before I forget, an article about how our digital dependency is eroding human memory.  Or something.  I’ll probably have to read this again.

If you like adorable squirrel pics, this is definitely for you.  (If you think they look like rats but with cuter tails, avoid!)

Also, Halloween is practically upon us!  Here are some feminist costume ideas if you’re looking for some last minute options.  (My faves are 17 and 20!)

Oh, and speaking of the source of my complaints at the top of the blog, if you want an educational GIF (yes, that is a thing that exists!) about what happens to your internal organs during pregnancy, check it!  I keep watching this on a loop and crying out, “but no, my poor intestines/bladder/everything!”

And in maybe the most exciting news, flights to Europe for less than $100 are coming soon!  Well, kinda soon!  2017!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  May it be filled with planning cheap trips to Europe and Halloween costume planning!  Or whatever!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up

Jessica Vázquez, a la izquierda, abraza a su tía Leticia Acaraz en terrenos de la feria local después de que un individuo armado matara a 10 personas e hiriera a siete en el Colegio Comunitario de Umpqua, en Roseburg, Oregon, el jueves 1 de octubre de 2015. Ambas aguardaban saber que sucedió con la hija de Acaraz que es alumna de la escuela. Profesores y alumnos fueron transportados por las autoridades a terrenos e instalaciones de la feria. El agresor, de unos 20 años, murió durante un enfrentamiento con la policía.(AP Foto/Ryan Kang)

Due to the horrific mass shooting in Oregon, which brings us to number 294 (though we are only 274 days into this year) I am dedicating the entirety of this week’s internet round up to gun violence and my fervent hope for positive, life saving change on that front.

Sadly, the shooting at a community college in Oregon was not the only horrific shooting this week.  Hell, it wasn’t the only horrific shooting I saw in the news on THAT SAME DAY.  I can only hope that at this point in America, we are frustrated, scared and full of empathy for the quickly growing number of families impacted by gun violence to actually, you know, change something for the better.  I know a lot of people like to say that because nothing happened after Sandy Hook, nothing is going to happen, but I don’t believe that.  I think Sandy Hook was so unusual, so insanely terrible that, in a way, it was almost easier to imagine that that was a one time event, a thing that no one else would be capable of repeating.  But as mass shootings continue to happen, particularly in schools, at a pace that has to disturb everyone except the most incredibly tone deaf monsters, I think it’s become clear that it’s not going to stop on its own.  We actually have to do something.

Now there’s no silver bullet (pardon the pun) that everyone in America is going to agree on, and I think we have to acknowledge the fact that gun ownership isn’t going away completely, but I think there is plenty of middle ground for serious reform to make our schools and streets safer from mass shooters.  (And to also attack the much more prevalent and deadly aspects of our gun problem, including domestic violence related murders and suicides.  Almost none of these “ordinary” gun violence tragedies make national news, but they are the bulk of our staggering, sobering 32,000 gun violence deaths per year. )

First and foremost, let’s not remember the shooter of this more recent mass murder, let’s remember the victims.

Let’s also celebrate this man who risked his life and was severely injured while charging at the gunman and trying to save lives.

The full text and video of President Obama’s reaction to the shooting, including the phrase that has resonated most with me, “our thoughts and prayers are not enough.”  Damn right.

As far as reform ideas, Buzzfeed has an interesting article about what does work, as far as reducing gun violence.

Here’s a chart you must see, especially when you think about the intense, expensive and freedom restricting efforts we have put into terrorism prevention, as compared to something that is a much more real threat to our daily lives – gun violence.

This one is really important.  It talks about how, in the face of our country’s refusal (or inability) to enact tougher gun laws, or come up with any other solutions to our gun violence problem, the mentally ill have unfairly become a scapegoat for mass shootings.  Despite the fact that “…fewer than 5 percent of the 120,000 gun-related killings in the United States between 2001 and 2010 were perpetrated by people diagnosed with mental illness.”

I’ve posted this before, a heartbreaking photo series about the lingering impact of gun violence, but I feel like it’s something that we, as Americans, need to look at over and over again until something significant changes.

Do you want to do something to change things for the better and reduce the 32,000 gun related deaths in America?  Me too!  Contact your congressperson, your senator, the President, and all of the candidates running for President, and say that something has to change as far as gun control and gun violence, and it has to change NOW.

There is also a Coalition to Stop Gun Violence – I don’t personally know much about them at the moment, other than what I found in a cursory google search, but I will look into them more and see if they have any helpful ways to get further involved.

If anyone has any other ideas as far as working together to drastically reduce gun violence in America and fight for expanded gun control, feel free to let me know in the comments!  In the meantime, everyone please have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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Mean Maureen’s Internet Round Up!

Hi all!  IT’S FRIIIIIIIIDDDDAAYYYYY!!!  (In case you were unaware.)  I’m getting to a super fun point in pregnancy where I’m exhausted constantly and have lower back pain anytime I sit for long stretches of time, so work has been a delight this week, as you can imagine.  I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  No, that doesn’t quite cover it – I am looking forward to curling up into a fat little ball and trying to stay asleep for the next 48 hours.  But perhaps you plan to be awake this weekend and want some cool stuff to look at!

Well, then, here:


First and foremost, we are closer to getting a human on Mars than we have ever been!  Yes, technically, the NASA plan is still about 20 years away, but 20 years ain’t bad!

In ever so slightly less important news, in one of my few waking hours this weekend, I plan to forget that it’s going to be 100 degrees tomorrow and bake this delicious looking fall cake.

And then, when I return to my fat little ball of sleepiness, I will probably strongly resemble the pikas featured here.

If that pika series only whet your appetite for cute, please feast your eyes on the cutest dog wearing a cone photo I’ve seen.  (SPOILER ALERT – He’s not alone in that cone!)

Finally, because I’m a cruel monster, read about the stuff of nightmares and then try, in vain, to forget.


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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round up!

Hey, all!  Slightly later round up tonight because I had work drinks to attend this evening.  Or, in my case, being pregnant, some very intoxicating club soda with lime.  (PS – I MISS WINE. SIGH.)  Anyway, enough of my sad, alcohol free existence – let’s get to the weekly wrap up!


One of the biggest stories of the week was the ridiculous, sad and embarrassing arrest of 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed for building a clock.  In order to maintain my going into the weekend optimism, I’m going to focus on the bright side – that Ahmed has received praise and invitations from no less than the White House, Google and Facebook, that this has shone a much needed spotlight on Islamophobia, and that he’s leaving his stupid high school for something (hopefully) better.  Needless to say, #IstandwithAhmed.

Anyway, in non crazy news, it’s going to be fall soon (ALLEGEDLY, anyway), and the onset of fall/winter weather means the possibility of rain!  Which means, you should probably buy this adorable doggie rain jacket like my friend Angie did, if your dog hates the rain as much as our doggies do.

I can’t tell if this is relaxing or anxiety producing, but I found this National Geographic short film on lava flow very mesmerizing.

One very unique way to save $$$ on a wedding photographer.

And in serious world news, the LA Times has an amazing, important article and photo series on the refugee crisis, particularly focused on those fleeing Syria.

(PS – If you’re looking for guidance donation wise, the International Rescue Committee is a very good organization and they were one of Google’s vetted partners during their campaign to match refugee crisis donations.  You can donate at this link.)

And finally, your moment of zen – the most chilled out donkey in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  May you be as relaxed as a donkey in a hammock, and as unarrested as a budding young scientist!

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