Movie (or TV) Monday: I Guess I’m Gonna Watch A Star Wars Movie???

Not to go two weeks in a row exploring the theme of what Maureen is reluctantly watching, but tonight I found myself uncharacteristically interested in Star Wars!  The new trailer came out and it looks… really fun, right?

Now, full disclosure: I never saw Star Wars as a child or a young adult, so I do not have the nostalgia or adoration or all consuming obsession that some of my friends do.  And, even though I went to several of my film school classes at USC in the Lucas building, I actually didn’t even get around to watching Star Wars until after I had graduated.  (I’M SORRY, GEORGE LUCAS.)  And then once I saw them, I thought they were, I guess, I don’t know… fine.  (AGAIN, I’M SORRY, GEORGE LUCAS.)  But I think it’s like Goonies – if you see it for the first time as an adult, you are just not going to love it as much as people who adored it as kids.  (And yes, I’m admitting I also didn’t see and have no real love for the Goonies, so I guess I have firmly established myself as some kind of a heartless, soulless monster!)

But anyway, I think I will give this new Star Wars a chance!  (Maybe, after learning from my experience of viewing Goonies in a theater full of die hard fans yelling things I didn’t understand at the screen, I will give it a chance at home, on Netflix.)  But still!  Exciting news, on the Maybe I’ll Finally Be A Part of this Cultural Phenomenon front!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!


I begin this week’s internet round up with a question – how many tabs is too many tabs to be open on your computer at one time?  I have 16 right now.  Between 7-15 is relatively standard for me.  Is that too many?  Is it… CRAZILY too many?  Am I some sort of tab hoarder who can’t accept the fact that I’m never going to read that article about the guy who survived 8 Nazi death camps?  OR, should I actually read that article right now? And maybe you should too???  It is the weekend, after all, and what better time to get in our long read articles we haven’t found time for throughout the week.

So here, I have a few:

First, since I already mentioned it, the BBC article about a man who survived 8 separate Nazi concentration camps.

Also, from BBC, the story of the world’s youngest cryogenically frozen child.

I actually did get around to reading this one, about why white people won’t choose predominantly black schools, but I would like to read it again and share it with everyone I know because it is really, really good and important to think about.

And in my absolute favorite headline of the week, “Have we discovered megastructures built by aliens around a distant star?”  I don’t know, but that sounds freaking amazing!

But perhaps you’re looking for something a little lighter and more adorable than stories about the Holocaust and aliens who almost certainly could destroy us?  What about some photos of dogs flying through the air and looking hilarious then?

And with that, IT’S THE FREAKIN, WEEKEND, MAN.  (I don’t feel like I entirely pulled off the use of that phrase, but it’s Friday and I no longer care.)  Have a great one!  See you Monday!

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Cute of the Week: Pets Who Are Better at Halloween Than I Am

Guys, I have a confession: I am pretty terrible at Halloween.  I have no shortage of excellent ideas, but I have a major shortage of Ability to Put Said Ideas Into Concrete Plans/Order Things Like Wigs, In Advance.  I was Carrie for, oh, I don’t know, three years running?  (Because once you have a bloody prom dress and tiara just available in your closet, I mean, you’re not NOT going to wear it.)   One year I just wore jeans, a black tank top and cat ears.  (I MEAN, JESUS.)  And this year?  Sigh.  Since being pregnant, I have made half hearted jokes about going as Donald Bump, but I don’t really want to frighten anyone (including myself) that much.  I also figured my bump could work well for an Ursula costume, body type wise, but here we are on October 14th and I still have not ordered a wig or have any idea how to make tentacles.  So, I’m guessing I will dress up this year as a 35 year old pregnant woman who has poor costume planning skills?

But!  Do you know who DOESN’T have a lack of costume planning skills?  The owners of these adorable pets.  Let’s celebrate them and their amazing owners, who definitely have their costume related shit together more than me.

catleia catlobster

dogfrog dogspiderman dogwaldo Dumbo

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Movie (or TV) Mondays: God Damn It, Michael Fassbender


Sigh.  So, I’m going to see that freaking Steve Jobs movie.  I don’t want to!  I don’t want to at all!  I am not an Apple fan girl, I have never had any interest in Steve Jobs or his life, and honestly *hesitates to admit this publicly* I don’t really love Aaron Sorkin’s writing.  I mean, I like it okay!  But it’s not 100% my thing.  (I’m sure he is reading this at home right now, maybe working his way through a bag of Cheetos, feeling suddenly and acutely betrayed.  Sorry, Aars.  If it makes you feel better, I am in the minority and like, 5 people read this blog anyway.)

Also, in other Why I Don’t Want to See This Movie news, the Steve Jobs targeted trailer that has been incessantly popping up in my instragram feed is so fucking sexist it is hilarious to me.  In case you are not a woman and have been spared this trailer, it’s the one where they 100% cut out anything related to computers or technology and have a weeping Kate Winslet talk about how the most important aspect of Steve Jobs was his fathering.  Because everyone knows that’s why Steve Jobs has a movie made about him in the first place!  Cause he was a kick ass dad!  Duh!

But anyway, I’m seeing the damn movie!  Why?  WHY?  Because of stupid sexy Flanders. I mean stupid, sexy Michael Fassbender.


I mean… twinsies, am I right???

A while back, I joked on Facebook that if the universe thought it was going to trick me into seeing a movie about Steve Jobs by casting Michael Fassbender then… well, maybe it was right.  And now, weeks later, after being bombarded by his annoyingly gorgeous face in trailer after trailer and posters the size of buildings, FINE, UNIVERSE, GOD DAMN IT.  YOU ARE RIGHT.  I WILL SEE THE STUPID STEVE JOBS MOVIE.  I WILL SEE HOW HE WAS A GENIUS EVEN THOUGH HE DIDN’T TECHNICALLY BUILD ANYTHING.  AND HOW HE PLAYED THE ORCHESTRA AND NOT LIKE, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS.  AND HOW HE CREATED A COMPANY THAT MAKES AWESOME PHONES THAT LAST ABOUT TWO YEARS.  FINE.

But honestly, this decision leaves me concerned because it sets a disturbing precedent.  What WON’T I see Michael Fassbender in?  I’m seeing a movie about Steve Jobs, hell, I’ve already seen him as a monstrous slave owner in 12 Years A Slave, where will my stupid crush lead me next?  Hitler: Staring Michael Fassbender?  The Jeffrey Dahlmer Story, But Somehow Sexy?  A movie about baseball?????  So help me Jesus Christ, if I find myself buying tickets to some boring ass film that features Michael Fassbender as a shortstop or some shit like that, please just kill me.  Because obviously at this point, I don’t think an intervention would work.

Anyway, see you opening night, Michael Fassbender!  You bewitching siren that I will apparently follow anywhere!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!


Oh good lord, guys.  I am embarrassed to admit how tired I have gotten and I’m only just about to start my 24th week of pregnancy.  :/  So um… only about 16 weeks and 1 day left!  S-I-G-H.  In related news, I have a newfound appreciation for the toughness of every woman who has ever been pregnant, especially those who work much more physical and demanding jobs than me!  But enough about my complaints – as for this weekend?  I just want to meld with my couch and relax.  I have been collecting some interesting or fun things I want to read during my couch blobbin’ – perhaps they may appeal to you too!

First, before I forget, an article about how our digital dependency is eroding human memory.  Or something.  I’ll probably have to read this again.

If you like adorable squirrel pics, this is definitely for you.  (If you think they look like rats but with cuter tails, avoid!)

Also, Halloween is practically upon us!  Here are some feminist costume ideas if you’re looking for some last minute options.  (My faves are 17 and 20!)

Oh, and speaking of the source of my complaints at the top of the blog, if you want an educational GIF (yes, that is a thing that exists!) about what happens to your internal organs during pregnancy, check it!  I keep watching this on a loop and crying out, “but no, my poor intestines/bladder/everything!”

And in maybe the most exciting news, flights to Europe for less than $100 are coming soon!  Well, kinda soon!  2017!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  May it be filled with planning cheap trips to Europe and Halloween costume planning!  Or whatever!

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Cute of the Week: Rescue Raccoon!

Look, I don’t typically think of raccoons as the cutest animals in the world.  Heck, they’re probably not in my top 20!  (To be fair though, there are a CRAZY amount of cute animals in the world.)  But seeing this little raccoon orphan adorably blend in with his family of dog siblings has bumped the raccoon up surprisingly high on the Internal Cute List that is constantly updating in my head.  (You guys do that too, right?)

Anyway, I mean, CHECK IT:


AWWWWWW!  Typically, I try to keep my Cute of the Week’s to things that have not already been splashed all over the internet, but even though this story has been shared approximately 10 million times this week in my Facebook newsfeed alone, I cannot rest until every living person with eyeballs has witnessed this adorableness. 

Because it is just:








Okay, maybe that last one is not particularly sanitary.  But still!  Adorbs!  Anyway, have a great rest of your week, everybody, and maybe don’t sample the food at any place that keeps a raccoon as a pet!

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Movie (or TV) Mondays: A Journey Into the Punknown

The HBO television series 'Sex and the City' received an Emmy nomination for Best Comedy Series as nominations were announced in Los Angeles, July 12, 2001. Cast members shown (L-R) are Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker. The Emmy Awards will be presented in Los Angeles September 16. REUTERS/Nigel Parry/HBO/Handout

So, I’m coming up on my 35th birthday and, as I was browsing my free Amazon prime streaming selections, I couldn’t help but wonder… did I ever give Sex and the City a fair chance?  I watched it, or some of it, a million years ago while in college and I decided it was not my thing.  From what I very vaguely remember, I thought the use of puns on the show was unbearable, I thought Mr. Big was a total ass, and I was (and remain) appalled by paying $400 for a pair of shoes.

However, as a woman preparing to give birth to a little girl, I started wondering if I was being closed minded as a feminist.  Sex and the City was a huge show that struck a major chord with tons of women.  Why didn’t I like it?  Was I limiting myself to liking only certain types of women in my entertainment choices?  I mean, one of the most important things about feminism (other than the fact that, for now, we don’t have to die while getting coat hanger abortions) is to recognize that there is no one right way to be a woman – that, whether you’re a career minded CEO, or a stay at home mom, or a weird artist who paint with her vagina, all of those choices are valid and should be treated with dignity and equality.  Not to be overly serious about my TV and movie watching, but I wondered if my choices in entertainment lived up to my feminist ideals of supporting different types of women.

I went to film school with mostly nerdy boys (and some nerdy girls), and found it was way more socially acceptable to enjoy Star Wars or every Martin Scorsese movie than anything remotely girly.  Admittedly, though I never much cared for Star Wars (SORRY, NEARLY EVERYONE IN FILM SCHOOL), my tastes naturally leaned away from rom coms and girly things anyway.  But… was it actually natural?  Or was it social conditioning?  Did I write off all super girly movies and TV because I really didn’t like them, or because I realized by saying I liked them it would make me seem less smart, talented or cool?

It is a pretty well documented fact that entertainment created for (or by) women is largely derided.  From chick lit, to chick flicks to mommy blogs, it seems that if you center something in the world of women and the things that may interest them you’re gonna be labeled in an annoyingly cutesy and infantilizing way, and people aren’t going to take you seriously.  (Even though we all live in a world where fantasy football is somehow considered a legitimate activity for adult males to participate in, instead of something we make fun of all day, every day because it is RIDICULOUS.)

Anyway!  Back to my point and my concerns – I mean, there are some kind of girly things I like.  I adore 30 Rock, I love the movie Sense and Sensibility (which is a literally perfect film and I god damn DARE you to find a flaw with it.)  But really, it’s a pretty short list.  Short enough to make me wonder if I could actually be part of the problem with lack of equality in media.  Do I write off too much “chick” entertainment because I sincerely don’t care for it?  Or am I being…well, sexist?  Am I naturally identifying with female characters I like in a healthy way (your Liz Lemons, your Elinors from Sense and Sensibility, etc.) or am I being closed minded? Most importantly, am I ignoring the types of women I don’t naturally identify with, and therefore missing out other, just as interesting, just as valid and just as worthy expressions of being a woman?

Or am I thinking WAY too hard about this Sex and the City rewatch?  Possibly!

But I’m gonna do it anyway, just to make sure I’m not missing out on something great and, even if I end up still disliking it on rewatch, reminding myself to keep and open mind and remember to give all types of women an equal shot at my TV watching eyeballs.  Once I’m done, I may write some recaps by season, a giant recap for the whole series, or a skip it, watch it guide, depending on how long this takes, how much I like it, etc.  But stay tuned!  At the very least, we will FINALLY determine whether I’m a Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte, or Miranda.

Or, like my beloved Liz Lemon, maybe I am the Lady At Home Who Watches It!


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