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Cute of the Week – Columbus the Bulldog

Now, this dog is a lot of things – cute, persistent, wrinkly, strong… but I’m not certain how smart he is.  I mean, he’s not as dumb as this famously cute and stupid weirdo, but he doesn’t appear smart enough to realize that his weight is going to keep tipping the hammock over.  (Over and over and OVER again.)

OR!  Maybe he is exactly that smart, knows what he’s doing, and loves to tip the hammock over and then hop on it again like a seesaw.  (That’s what his owners think and mention in the youtube video description.)  I however… am unconvinced.

But whether he’s an adorable dumb dog who falls over a lot, or an adorable genius who has transformed a humble hammock into a trampoline, the result is VERY CUTE.  Enjoy!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up


Are you freezing cold in your workplace right now, like me?  Well, here’s a great article about all of the dumb reasons we over air condition our offices and other spaces in the summer.  (Which is why I am currently sitting at my desk, wearing a blanket IN JULY.)

Reading that article (and suffering in the summer freeze) has me fantasizing about these oversized knits that I… think are maybe art pieces?  But also for wearing?  I don’t know but I love them.

The famous rain exhibit is coming to LACMA this fall!

Speaking of things I love, my husband and I are moving soon and I’ve been fantasizing about hanging this pretty clock in our new apartment.

And in other pretty things news, these house plant cupcakes are gorgeous.  Though… that’s kind of an insane amount of frosting.  I mean yeah, I’d eat it and I’d love it, fine, but come on.

If you have time to read one long read this weekend, please read this one about how we’re approaching drug treatment the wrong way and it’s killing people.

And finally, an adorable special needs dog who is winning the heart of the Internet.  (The internet is basically a sentient, hive mind type creature at his point, right?  With a relentless appetite for cute things and porn and anger?)  ANYWAY, look at the cute dog and maybe help out with his medical bills if you can?

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