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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!

Screen Shot 2015-10-23 at 10.47.06 AM

Hello, dear readers!  Today is a fun day in Mean Maureenland – it’s my birthday AND, as of today, I officially have 100 days left until Baby Mean arrives.  (Of course, babies rarely arrive on their exact due dates, but is important for me to mark these milestones because pregnancy lasts approximately INFINITY DAYS and I need to feel like I’m making progress.)  So, huzzah!  Huzzah to me for staying alive another year, and huzzah to baby Mean for growing like a champ and getting closer and closer to joining us in the Land Outside My Womb (which is also the title of an absolutely horrible children’s book I just came up with.)

ANYWAY, weekend!  In honor of my birthday and Halloween, I’m gonna do a fall themed round up today.  Perhaps you are celebrating Halloween a bit early with some parties?  Perhaps you are going out for a hike wherever you are, enjoying the brisk fall weather and crisp, fallen leaves?  Or, you know, if you live in LA like me, you are going to be expending most of your energy denying the fact that is going to be 90 god damned degrees in my neighborhood tomorrow.  BUT WHATEVER, I’M STILL GOING TO PRETEND IT’S FUN FALL TIME.

For example, I’m going to order some of these adorable literary themed tights to wear and ward off the chill in the air!

And maybe I’ll make a version of these cute spider chocolate chip cookies!

Or drink these delicious looking fall themed mocktails!

Maybe I’ll channel my inner Martha Stewart (okay, fine, more like my inner Pinterest fail) and carve or decorate a pumpkin!

And you know what?  Fuck you, unseasonably warm weather, I’M MAKING SOME GOD DAMNED PUMPKIN SOUP.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, whatever the weather, and that I can tone down my hostility toward mother nature enough to enjoy my own weekend!  See you Monday!

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Cute of the Week: Corgi Wins the Dance Contest Going On In My Heart

I suppose I should tell you – in my heart, there’s always a dance contest going on.  I never win or participate, since I cannot really dance, so it’s mostly adorable animals and cartoons.   (Side note: just realizing as I’m typing – does this make me sound COMPLETELY INSANE???)  Anyway, concerns about my sanity aside, I stumbled on this video of a corgi twerking to the song Bubble Butt and it is THE BEST, MOST HILARIOUS THING IN THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

I hope I’m not overselling it.  But that would be IMPOSSIBLE, so I suppose I’m not terribly concerned.  Now, to be completely fair, I am notoriously bad about keeping up with pop culture, so I am not sure if the corgi is really “twerking” here, or just moving its butt in a hilarious and adorable way.  You cooler and younger folk can be the judge of the degree of twerk.  As for me, I’ll just be watching this again, several times in a row, until my stomach hurts from laughing.

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Cute of the Week – Columbus the Bulldog

Now, this dog is a lot of things – cute, persistent, wrinkly, strong… but I’m not certain how smart he is.  I mean, he’s not as dumb as this famously cute and stupid weirdo, but he doesn’t appear smart enough to realize that his weight is going to keep tipping the hammock over.  (Over and over and OVER again.)

OR!  Maybe he is exactly that smart, knows what he’s doing, and loves to tip the hammock over and then hop on it again like a seesaw.  (That’s what his owners think and mention in the youtube video description.)  I however… am unconvinced.

But whether he’s an adorable dumb dog who falls over a lot, or an adorable genius who has transformed a humble hammock into a trampoline, the result is VERY CUTE.  Enjoy!

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Cute of the Week: Hero Dog Gets a Happy Ending

Sorry for the late hour for this Cute of the Week, but it’s been a long day.  You know those days when you wake up and look at your phone only to read a horrific news story that just kind of ruins your whole day?  That was today, for me.  Add in a long work day and some epic Facebook discussions about gun control (always a good idea!) I’m exhausted and in desperate need of something cute to cheer me up.  Luckily, I have JUST the story.  And it’s not only cute, it’s heroic, heartwarming, and right in time for the tail end (PUN!) of National Dog Day.

Meet Pepper:

A British tourist being attacked by two men in Greece was saved by this stray DOG - and then spent thousands of pounds to bring the heroic pooch home to live with her. See SWNS story SWDOG:  Holidaymaker Georgia Bradley, 25, was surrounded by the aggressive males when she rejected their advances on a remote beach. Student Georgia's boyfriend was in a nearby cafe when the two men approached her and asked her to go for a drink. She refused and one of the men grabbed her arm - but a small black abandoned dog suddenly ran over and started barking at them.

Not only is she a total cutie, she’s a superhero in a tiny, furry body.  You see, she was a stray dog, wandering a beach in Greece when she saw Georgia Bradley being bothered by strange men who wanted her to come with them.  When Georgia refused to leave with the men, one of the men grabbed her, but luckily Pepper intervened.  She started barking loudly and aggressively until the men left Georgia alone.  Then, being the polite pup she is, Pepper escorted Georgia back to where she was staying and hung out with her until the day she left Greece to head home.  When Georgia took a car to go to the airport, she looked behind the car to discover Pepper running behind it*, and Georgia knew at that point, she had to find a way to adopt her.  (I MEAN, YES, OBVIOUSLY.)

So, luckily, Georgia was able to fly 6,000 miles back to Greece and make feisty Pepper (good name choice, Georgia) her pup forever.  LOOK AT HOW CUTE THEY ARE TOGETHER:

Georgia Bradley with her stray dog Pepper. See SWNS story SWDOG: A British tourist being attacked by two men in Greece was saved by a stray DOG - and then spent thousands of pounds to bring the heroic pooch home to live with her. Holidaymaker Georgia Bradley, 25, was surrounded by the aggressive males when she rejected their advances on a remote beach. Student Georgia's boyfriend was in a nearby cafe when the two men approached her and asked her to go for a drink. She refused and one of the men grabbed her arm - but a small black abandoned dog suddenly ran over and started barking at them.

To add even more adorability to the story, once back home with Georgia, Pepper gave birth to a bunch of adorable puppies.  I mean, what a gold star level cute story.  Thanks to Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Facebook page for sharing this story (yes, I’m probably too old to be following that page, but shut up) and My Modern Met for publishing it originally.  (At My Modern Met you can see even more pics, including ones of the puppies!)  This heroic doggie tale with a happy ending sure did the trick of warming my heart after a terrible day.  And it’s given me someone (okay, some dog) to look up to!  If you see something, say bark something, right Pepper?

Anyway, happy Wednesday and happy National Dog Day!

*Here is where I cried while reading this story.  *shakes fist angrily at sky*  Pregnancy hormones!!!

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Mean Maureen’s Internet Round Up!

Happy Friday, all!  Believe it or not, I am still in the throes of moving.  Well, “the throes” sounds a bit more dramatic and active.  To clarify – I am still in the part of moving where everything is technically IN the apartment, but almost all of it is still in boxes or strewn across various surfaces in disarray.  And we’ve basically been in that phase since last weekend ended, so I’m looking forward to having this weekend to finally, you know, live like a human being again.

So, since I’m in the nesting/moving frame of mind, I have some links along those lines to share!  (And also, at least one cute thing, because I’m tired today, and I receive 45-65% of my energy from cute.)  Oh!  And my FAVORITE artwork I’ve seen in a while!

1idea 2idea

Anyway, here!  Look!

I love almost all of the adorable bathroom accessories in this round up, though no thanks to the whales and whale related stuff.  (PS – WHALES ARE TERRIFYING.  STOP TRYING TO MAKE THEM CUTE.)

Now that we’re in a bigger apartment, that means a lot more wall space.  I’m wanting to buy some affordable art to put on said wall space, and this Apartment Therapy roundup of reasonably priced art sources was helpful to start my hunt.

Also, Etsy is always a good source for cheapish, interesting things.  I really like this constellation print I found.

I’ve been super psyched about my new balcony space for gardening, but did you know there are certain plants you can straight up grow indoors?  Not sure if I’m ready to take that leap (my cats hate all plant life as if it were their sworn enemy) but I’m thinking about it.  Maybe on some high up spaces.

And, in non boring ol’ apartment stuff news, I am IN LOVE with this work from artist Jane Long.  She takes black and white WW1 era photos and manipulates them into vibrant, colorful, surreal works of art.  I mean, I really just can’t get over these.  I love them all.

Oh!  So, we’re having a horrible heat wave this weekend, so I was thinking maybe I should shift my (insane) plans away from making homemade vegetable soup on Sunday, to making ALL OF THESE DAMN POPSICLES.

And finally, your moment of cute.  It’s Friday, you’ve earned it.

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Oh my god, you guys.  Something momentous happened.  So, I had another blog already written and planned and ready to post, but then?  THEN?  THEN I FOUND THIS DOG ON INSTAGRAM:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.21.17 PM

They should’ve sent a poet.

Meet Jinkee!  She is a dog, she lives in Australia and also, no big deal or anything, BUT SHE IS GOD DAMNED A TEDDY BEAR BROUGHT TO LIFE!  I mean, LOOK:

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.21.00 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.20.47 PM  Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 3.21.33 PM

I’m calling it.  I’m calling it RIGHT MOTHER-EFFIN NOW.  This dog is a star!  A STAR, I tells ya!  (I don’t know how I suddenly channeled some 1930’s talent agent, but I’m rolling with it.)  Anyway, Jinkee’s got it and she’s got it in SPADES.  You know, IT – that intangible quality, that inexplicable thing!  I mean, get the studios on the horn, she’s going straight to the top on a rocket ship!  We’ll put her in pictures, see!  She’ll work with the greats!  All of ’em, Garbo, Hepburn, TEMPLE!

Can you just imagine?  Can you seriously just stop for a second and imagine – this dog and (a somehow miraculously reanimated-at-her-peak-of-child-cuteness) Shirley Temple in a movie together?  The bouncing curls!  The insane, screen melting cuteness!  Maybe the dog is a teddy bear who comes to life at night and they go on adventures!  Maybe she’s an adorable orphan, hoppin’ trains and livin’ in boxcars until Jinkee comes into her life and her luck changes?

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 8.55.10 AM

“Wait, WHAT do you plan to do with me?”

*lets out deep, calming breath* Okay, I probably shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself until I sit down and figure out a way to reanimate Shirley Temple.  (Shirley: It’ll be FINE.  Don’t worry!)  But anyway, while I’m working on that, you’re welcome – you are in on the GROUND FLOOR for this new, sure to be internet sensation – Jinkee the Teddy Bear dog.

You can follow her on Instagram at lifeofjinkee.  Or you could waste your life!  Whatever!  The choice is yours!

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