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Cute of the Week: Corgi Wins the Dance Contest Going On In My Heart

I suppose I should tell you – in my heart, there’s always a dance contest going on.  I never win or participate, since I cannot really dance, so it’s mostly adorable animals and cartoons.   (Side note: just realizing as I’m typing – does this make me sound COMPLETELY INSANE???)  Anyway, concerns about my sanity aside, I stumbled on this video of a corgi twerking to the song Bubble Butt and it is THE BEST, MOST HILARIOUS THING IN THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

I hope I’m not overselling it.  But that would be IMPOSSIBLE, so I suppose I’m not terribly concerned.  Now, to be completely fair, I am notoriously bad about keeping up with pop culture, so I am not sure if the corgi is really “twerking” here, or just moving its butt in a hilarious and adorable way.  You cooler and younger folk can be the judge of the degree of twerk.  As for me, I’ll just be watching this again, several times in a row, until my stomach hurts from laughing.

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!


I begin this week’s internet round up with a question – how many tabs is too many tabs to be open on your computer at one time?  I have 16 right now.  Between 7-15 is relatively standard for me.  Is that too many?  Is it… CRAZILY too many?  Am I some sort of tab hoarder who can’t accept the fact that I’m never going to read that article about the guy who survived 8 Nazi death camps?  OR, should I actually read that article right now? And maybe you should too???  It is the weekend, after all, and what better time to get in our long read articles we haven’t found time for throughout the week.

So here, I have a few:

First, since I already mentioned it, the BBC article about a man who survived 8 separate Nazi concentration camps.

Also, from BBC, the story of the world’s youngest cryogenically frozen child.

I actually did get around to reading this one, about why white people won’t choose predominantly black schools, but I would like to read it again and share it with everyone I know because it is really, really good and important to think about.

And in my absolute favorite headline of the week, “Have we discovered megastructures built by aliens around a distant star?”  I don’t know, but that sounds freaking amazing!

But perhaps you’re looking for something a little lighter and more adorable than stories about the Holocaust and aliens who almost certainly could destroy us?  What about some photos of dogs flying through the air and looking hilarious then?

And with that, IT’S THE FREAKIN, WEEKEND, MAN.  (I don’t feel like I entirely pulled off the use of that phrase, but it’s Friday and I no longer care.)  Have a great one!  See you Monday!

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Cute of the Week: Rescue Raccoon!

Look, I don’t typically think of raccoons as the cutest animals in the world.  Heck, they’re probably not in my top 20!  (To be fair though, there are a CRAZY amount of cute animals in the world.)  But seeing this little raccoon orphan adorably blend in with his family of dog siblings has bumped the raccoon up surprisingly high on the Internal Cute List that is constantly updating in my head.  (You guys do that too, right?)

Anyway, I mean, CHECK IT:


AWWWWWW!  Typically, I try to keep my Cute of the Week’s to things that have not already been splashed all over the internet, but even though this story has been shared approximately 10 million times this week in my Facebook newsfeed alone, I cannot rest until every living person with eyeballs has witnessed this adorableness. 

Because it is just:








Okay, maybe that last one is not particularly sanitary.  But still!  Adorbs!  Anyway, have a great rest of your week, everybody, and maybe don’t sample the food at any place that keeps a raccoon as a pet!

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Mean Maureen’s Internet Round Up!

Hi all!  IT’S FRIIIIIIIIDDDDAAYYYYY!!!  (In case you were unaware.)  I’m getting to a super fun point in pregnancy where I’m exhausted constantly and have lower back pain anytime I sit for long stretches of time, so work has been a delight this week, as you can imagine.  I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  No, that doesn’t quite cover it – I am looking forward to curling up into a fat little ball and trying to stay asleep for the next 48 hours.  But perhaps you plan to be awake this weekend and want some cool stuff to look at!

Well, then, here:


First and foremost, we are closer to getting a human on Mars than we have ever been!  Yes, technically, the NASA plan is still about 20 years away, but 20 years ain’t bad!

In ever so slightly less important news, in one of my few waking hours this weekend, I plan to forget that it’s going to be 100 degrees tomorrow and bake this delicious looking fall cake.

And then, when I return to my fat little ball of sleepiness, I will probably strongly resemble the pikas featured here.

If that pika series only whet your appetite for cute, please feast your eyes on the cutest dog wearing a cone photo I’ve seen.  (SPOILER ALERT – He’s not alone in that cone!)

Finally, because I’m a cruel monster, read about the stuff of nightmares and then try, in vain, to forget.


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Cute of the Week: Get On Board the Dog Train!

Okay, I feel like I overuse the phrase “this is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” but guys… THIS IS THE CUTEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!


I suppose this photo requires some explanation.  You see, living saint, Eugene Bostick, an 80 year old retiree, decided it wasn’t quite enough that he started to adopt the many stray dogs people would drop off on his dead end street.  No, that wasn’t exactly up to Eugene’s level of awesome.  Instead, he decided that on top of that he would build them a god damned dog train and drive them around on delightful adventures.

I mean… are you kidding me?  This is amazing!  Let me let Eugene tell it himself:

“I seen this guy with a tractor who attached these carts to pull rocks. I thought, ‘Dang, that would do for a dog train.’ I’m a pretty good welder, so I took these plastic barrels with holes cut in them, and put wheels under them and tied them together,” Eugene continued. “Whenever they hear me hooking the tractor up to it, man, they get so excited.”

I smiled SO WIDE while reading that entire paragraph.  “Dang, that would do for a dog train” is possibly the most adorable sentence ever uttered.  And I can’t help but feel like they don’t make guys like Eugene Bostick anymore -craft welders with a heart of gold, rescuing dog after dog and then building an adorable train to make them happy.  I mean, maybe they didn’t EVER make guys like that.  Maybe Eugene is the ONLY guy like that.  But anyway, I believe we should put him on the 20 dollar bill.  (NO ONE LIKES YOU ANYWAY, ANDREW JACKSON.)

If you’d like to read more you can check out the full story and even see a video over at Bored Panda.  I hope this improved your Wednesday as much as it improved mine!

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Cute of the Week – Columbus the Bulldog

Now, this dog is a lot of things – cute, persistent, wrinkly, strong… but I’m not certain how smart he is.  I mean, he’s not as dumb as this famously cute and stupid weirdo, but he doesn’t appear smart enough to realize that his weight is going to keep tipping the hammock over.  (Over and over and OVER again.)

OR!  Maybe he is exactly that smart, knows what he’s doing, and loves to tip the hammock over and then hop on it again like a seesaw.  (That’s what his owners think and mention in the youtube video description.)  I however… am unconvinced.

But whether he’s an adorable dumb dog who falls over a lot, or an adorable genius who has transformed a humble hammock into a trampoline, the result is VERY CUTE.  Enjoy!

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Bad Humans! Stop Ruining Dog Ownership for the Rest of Us

Lately, I’ve been noticing a trend, which is weird because I almost never notice trends of any kind. (Side note – are people still saying outie 5000???) But this trend is not about clothing or super cool catch phrases, it’s about dogs.  More specifically, it’s a trend that, as dogs have become an increasingly huge part of our lives, people have decided that they no longer have to play by the dog owning rules.  And it sucks.

I should preface this by saying I ADORE dogs.  I love them to little bits and pieces.  (Not literally.)  My own sweet pup, Archie, is, in my absolutely unbiased opinion, the cutest and sweetest and all around best creature on the planet.  I have even called him “the light of my life” in front of my husband!  (Whoops.)  But just because I love dogs doesn’t mean I think dog owners should be exempt from basic rules and laws.  In fact, BECAUSE I love dogs, I think dog owners should follow basic rules and laws, because it’s better for the dogs and it’s better for society in general.

Luckily, there aren’t many rules to follow to be a good dog owner.  In fact, I could boil them down to the most important three, and if you follow those, you’re probably doing an A-ok job.  So put your reading glasses on, and let’s get down to it!


Archie (the cutest, sweetest and best creature on the planet) will read along too!


I have seen this more and more lately (including the part of the interaction where nervous teenage retail and food service employees awkwardly ask questions and then the person with the non service animal huffily leaves) and anyway, it makes me livid.  The reasons why you shouldn’t pretend your dog is a service animal should be obvious, but I’ll just highlight a couple.

First, there are plenty of invisible disabilities out there and you are making it much harder on people with those disabilities by bringing your shaking, peeing chihuahua into Target and acting as if it’s a service animal.  EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S NOT, OKAY?  The terrified beagle that is barking at every person, object and noise in the Baja Fresh is not a service animal.  The ancient, pooping mutt that is going number 2 in the aisle of the grocery store is not a service animal.  We’re all onto you and it’s super, super gross.

Service animals are allowed to go into places that regular animals can’t go because they have been trained to do things like NOT pee or poop everywhere, snarl at or bite people, or generally go berserk in the meat section at Ralph’s.  (There are also, for the record, emotional support animals, but there are different rules and restrictions for those animals and service animals.  This helpful article illuminates some of the differences.  But really, I’m addressing people who have neither service NOR emotional support animals, but instead just feel like taking their dog with them everywhere they go because they feel like it.)

Anyway, for those of you deliberately bringing non service or emotional support animals into places they don’t belong, you should know that for every untrained animal that bites a child or takes a dump in Target, you’re creating an environment where business establishments can’t trust people to only bring service animals into their places of business.  Do you want to live in a world where some veteran with PTSD is grilled by shop owners for bringing his service dog inside just because a million girls with dogs in purses (WHY ARE SO MANY OF THEM GIRLS WITH DOGS IN PURSES???) can’t be bothered to follow the law?  No!  That would be terrible.

Not to mention, bringing an non service animal into a food establishment violates health codes.  Ugh, health codes!  Sounds so boring and not as cute as my dog!  True!  But they are vitally important if you don’t want people getting sick from food borne illnesses that could be easily transmitted via your dog doing its business near or on food items.  (I will never shake the image of the girl I saw holding her squirming dog over every single piece of fruit in the produce section, as he shedded and drooled and fought her.)

Now, that said, you should never confront a person with an animal and demand to know if it’s a service animal or not.  As I said, there are tons of invisible disabilities out there and it’s not always easy to tell if a pet is performing in a service capacity.  However, this is a direct appeal to those of you who ARE abusing the service animal policy by bringing your non service animals where they don’t belong – just stop, okay?

(Also, side note – WHY?  People who do this, why?  I mean, I love my dog and I love spending time with him, but I have no problem running the majority of my errands without him.  It’s fine, guys!  I swear!  I mean, it’s great that you love your dog, but if you are a healthy person who can’t bring yourself to pop into a grocery store for shampoo without bringing him with you, SEEK HELP.)


This one seems to be the hardest for people and I will never understand it.  Outside of an off leash dog park, an off leash dog run, or the sanctity of your own home and/or fenced yard, your dog needs to be on a leash at all times.  This is for EVERYONE’S safety and well being, including yours and your dog’s!  Yes, your sweet little sparklemuffin might never, ever bite or run away in any of your experiences with her, but that doesn’t mean a.) the exact situation where that WOULD happen isn’t out there or b.) OTHER dogs are the same.

No interaction with a dog is one sided (unless it is this very cute dog and mirror interaction.)  In all other cases, there is another dog or a person (or dogs and people) involved and you absolutely cannot predict how things will go every single time.  Dogs are (prepare yourself for a shock here) ANIMALS.  They do not operate in the same world of logic as humans and we do not understand all of the details of their smell-o-verse and what might make them suddenly protective or scared or run off into traffic.  You can’t predict the rogue squirrel darting in their eyeline across a very busy street, or some dog whose butt just smells really weird – but you can certainly predict that something like that happening is a possibility, and that you need to safeguard your pet accordingly.

Also, many dogs that are people’s pets are rescue dogs, some of them with history of abuse or just fear of other humans or dogs.  You have no idea how a strange dog will react, and the whole point of leashes is that you can very quickly, without having to physically reach your hand in between two biting dogs, guide your dog away from danger.  WHY WOULD YOU NOT WANT TO BE ABLE TO DO THAT???  It baffles me.  My dog is a generally sweet and friendly pup, but if he encountered a dog that wanted to eat his face, the best case scenario is that that dog and my dog would both be on leashes, and the other dog owner and I would simply guide the dogs away from each other.

The worst case scenario, and something that has happened multiple times, is that my dog is on a leash and the dog that wants to eat my dog’s face is NOT on a leash, and I (and sometimes the other owner, if they’re even paying attention) have to reach in between two snarling, snapping dogs and pick one or both of them up.  That is not ideal, friend.  It is even more not ideal if one of the animal owners can’t pick his or her dog up, due to the dog’s size, the owner’s advanced age or some sort of injury or disability.  A person who can’t pick up their pup shouldn’t be afraid to walk their leashed dog because of some asshole who is letting their dog roam free unleashed.

Not to mention, there are plenty of people in the world who do NOT love dogs.  I don’t personally get it, but they should be allowed to exist in the world without an off leash dog jumping up on them or darting in front of their car.   There was a dog in my old neighborhood who was NEVER on a leash, and she used to greet me by putting her paws on MY SHOULDERS.  (She was a very large animal.)  Look, I thought she was cute, but that behavior is absolutely unacceptable.  If I had been elderly, she would have knocked me over.  If I had been heavily pregnant, she could have knocked me down and potentially caused serious injury.  If I had been mauled or bitten by a dog as a child (or as an adult) and developed a fear of dogs, that would have been absolutely pants crappingly terrifying.

Bottom line – It is selfish to have your dog off leash in public.  You are weighing your laziness or misguided thought that your special snowflake dog should run free above everyone’s safety – the safety of your dog, other dogs, and other people.  Please don’t do that.

A leash is cheap, easy, and a safeguard against your dog getting into trouble or dying.  USE IT.


This doesn’t apply to dog owners whose dogs poop in their own giant backyards.  I don’t even know what that luxury would feel like, but I suppose it’s awesome.  And in that case, whether or not you pick up and dispose of your dog’s poop has more to do with your personal preference on the amount of feces you want in your yard at any given time.

However, for those of us who do not have yards, but have dogs, everyone walks their dogs around the neighborhood.  And most of us pick up said dog shit and dispose of it.  BECAUSE THAT IS HOW A SOCIETY SHOULD WORK.  Everyone else is an asshole.

I don’t really know how to elaborate on this other than by saying, STOP LEAVING YOUR DOG SHIT EVERYWHERE, YOU GROSS, WEIRDOS.  Joggers and small children should not have to step in your dog’s shit because you don’t want to pick it up.  Cleaning up dog shit is part of the package deal of having a dog.  If you find the idea of cleaning up dog shit gross, or beneath you, or too much work, DON’T GET A DOG.

This is also really rude because guess what?  Someone is going to pick this up eventually and it’s going to be some poor gardener or maintenance worker and by leaving your dog’s shit out in a public area, you are leaving it for that guy to clean up.  Would you do that to his face?  Hey buddy, sorry, I really do not feel like picking up this fecal matter, would you do it?  Of course you wouldn’t say that to someone’s face.  So just don’t do it.

Aaaaaahhhhh, it felt so good to get that all out.  But really, when it comes down to it, it is SO EASY to be a basically good dog owner.  Just don’t act like Rufus T. Peesalot is a service dog, keep him on a leash outside of designated off leash areas, and pick up his shit.  Not that complicated!  I would add, don’t leave him in a car, ever, but I feel like a.) everyone knows that by now and b.) since we have entered the era of window breaking/dog saving vigilantism, if you do that, you will learn your lesson very expensively at some point!

Anyway, as reward for getting through my ranting about bad humans, here are some photos of ridiculously cute dogs.  Wouldn’t you want them to live in a world where everyone followed the good dog owner rules?

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