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Cute of the Week: Corgi Wins the Dance Contest Going On In My Heart

I suppose I should tell you – in my heart, there’s always a dance contest going on.  I never win or participate, since I cannot really dance, so it’s mostly adorable animals and cartoons.   (Side note: just realizing as I’m typing – does this make me sound COMPLETELY INSANE???)  Anyway, concerns about my sanity aside, I stumbled on this video of a corgi twerking to the song Bubble Butt and it is THE BEST, MOST HILARIOUS THING IN THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

I hope I’m not overselling it.  But that would be IMPOSSIBLE, so I suppose I’m not terribly concerned.  Now, to be completely fair, I am notoriously bad about keeping up with pop culture, so I am not sure if the corgi is really “twerking” here, or just moving its butt in a hilarious and adorable way.  You cooler and younger folk can be the judge of the degree of twerk.  As for me, I’ll just be watching this again, several times in a row, until my stomach hurts from laughing.

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Movie (or TV) Mondays: I Want to Watch Rachel Dratch’s Late Night Talk Show


Okay, technically Rachel Dratch doesn’t HAVE a late night talk show (yet), but she was one of 37 female comics interviewed by Vulture on the topic, in the wake of the Vanity Fair sausage fest photo of the current crop of late night hosts.  (And the corresponding hubbub about how insane it is that there isn’t a single woman in the bunch.)

Anyway, turns out some female comedians who were interviewed do not dream of wearing a suit while interviewing stars about their latest movies, clothing lines or Vitamin Water flavor, but, of those who were interested, Rachel Dratch’s vision for what her show would be like was basically the best thing I’ve ever heard proposed for late night:

“Sure, I would do that! But I would have to be on some weird network. I don’t think I’d fly on, like, a major network. I would host my late-night show on some weird ladies channel, and I’d get a big following. I would do a late-night Lifetime Movie Network ladies chat show, yes. It would be really stereotypical: just chicks drinking rosé, sitting in comfortable chairs. Alcoholic Pumpkin Spice Lattes for fall, easy recipes! This is a horrible show!”

It is a horrible show!  An AWESOME horrible show that I would watch the crap out of!  I have never even HAD a pumpkin spice latte, but if Rachel Dratch is whippin up some spiked versions and discussing Lifetime movies with her inimitable Dratchian humor, I would be watching and drinking along with my at home version of a hard PSL.  (Pumpkin Spice Latte – keep up.)  IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE – Why is themed, at home drinking not a thing for every show???

Anyway, as delightful as the Rachel Dratch show could be, there were a number of other intriguing ideas pitched by female comedians.  The runners up for my favorite concept from the Vulture article were, first, the delightful Michaela Watkins…

“Yes. It would be somewhere between Daily Show and Between Two Ferns. (Editor’s note – ALREADY SOLD.)  I would try to get my celeb guests to talk about their feelings on politics, religion, and any hot-button issue, and if I smelled bullshit, very silly things would happen to them, like on a Nickelodeon show. Bucket of green slop dumped on them, etc. The 50-person audience would be a person from each state. Side note: I would love any show that involved psychics and mediums, but that’s just ’cause — ghosts!”

No duh, I would absolutely watch a hybrid of the Daily Show, Between Two Ferns, any Nickelodeon show where they dump slime on people, and the Long Island Medium.  GET ON MY TELEVISION, THIS SHOW.  I am already in love with you!

Anyway, the final runner up in terms of my fave idea was Sara Benincasa.  First, for her spot on inclusion of the sexism any female late night talk show will inevitably face in such a male dominated arena, and second for her belief (which I share) that one tit out is fine for anyone’s consumption, but both tits?  That is just for my husband, okay?  Call me (and Sara) old fashioned:

“Of course! Assuming it comes with a steady, fat paycheck that will soothe the sting of the inevitable-for-lady-celebrities complaints about my physical appearance, romantic choices, sexual history, and comedic ability, sure! I’d love to have my own late-night talk show. Bring it the fuck on. My show would be called ‘Sara Hangs Out,’ and it would be just 22 minutes of me sitting in a hot tub with a tit out, erasing years of feminist progress with my insatiable need to show off my amazing size 12 body. Not both tits, because that’s for my future husband. Just one. I would generally only interview women and genderqueer people, and occasionally, men I deemed worthy. Mostly I’d just ask Amy Sedaris to eat hush puppies with me and drink scuppernong wine.”

At least all of these ideas are better than Bill Mahr!  (Who, last I heard, was busy being wrong and stupid about something yet again.)  Good luck and godspeed, ladies.  Hope to see you on my late night television soon!

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Names We Are Not Considering for our Baby Girl

26/365 - Hah!

Hi all!  No long form post today, since I’m busy working on another writing project, but since I’m at the halfway point in my pregnancy (WOO FREAKING HOO!) I thought I’d share a little bit of the name brainstorming process, by way of names that ended up on the cutting room floor.  Now, as you may have read earlier this year, I believe you should name your baby whatever “crazy” name you want.  But, you can’t pick ALL the out there names, so some get left by the wayside.  Here is part of our no list and the reasons why.

Also, I really like this stock photo of a baby because it looks mostly happy but eeeeeever so slightly skeptical.  Which is probably the expression Lil’ Mean is making right now as she reads the list of baby names that narrowly avoided being her own.  (THESE ARE JOKES, BABY.  CALM DOWN.)

Anyway, names:

Hortense  (Because I want baby girl to determine for herself if she wants Hor to be her nickname.)

Lil’ Disappointment  (Because DH doesn’t like the apostrophe!  D’oh!)

Jessica – (That bitch Jessica knows why.)

Elyzab3th – (Can’t decide between this or 3lizAb#th, so we scrapped both.)

Des Moines – (Place names are just too trendy right now!  Argh!)

Amber – (Because EVERY TIME I hear this name, that “Amber is the color of her energy” song worms its way into my brain and I want to kill myself.)

#ThisIsWhyI’mFat – (Too real, man.  Hurts.)

Gwyneth Paltrow – (Couldn’t decide between this and Punchable Face.)

Mildred – (Ultimately decided that a name that is the combination of mildew and dread may not be great.)

Unclaimed Baby Girl – (We will probably claim her.)

Bob – (This… is actually growing on me, and at this point in the insane process of choosing a baby name, I am only 50% kidding.)

It’s a tough process, guys!  It is TOUGH.  But I feel like we’ve done some good work today and have narrowed things down a bit.  Though don’t be surprised if, under the influence of meds, I change my mind and bring home a little baby girl Elyzab3th from the hospital.

Happy Sunday!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!

Malala rprior to meeting the DSG SG Meets Photo Opportunity: The Secretary-General and Ms. Malala Yousafzai Special Event: Interactive conversation to mark 500 Days of Action for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Participants: The Secretary-General; The President of the General Assembly 68th session; Malala Yousafzai, Education Advocate and Co-founder of the Malala Fund; Amy Robach, News Anchor with ABCÕs Good Morning America.

WOO HOO, IT’S FRIDAY!!!  I’m in a good mood this Friday because I am feeling pretty decent, pregnancy wise (finally), AND because I just started work on a new show.  (I work in reality tv post production, for those who don’t know.)  Anyway, I love the first week of a new show because it’s mostly watching footage and getting an idea of the cast members and the show – it’s a relaxing and fun time.  (Before the inevitable chaos ensues.)  So, I’m enjoying the calm before the storm and looking forward to finally being done unpacking our damn apartment this weekend.

But first, things!  From the internet!

I too, cannot stop reading these 1 star yelp reviews of National Parks.  (And, a related bonus from Outside magazine – a complaint that Yellowstone’s bears aren’t trained as well as they should be.)  GUYS, PEOPLE ARE DUMB.

Speaking of National Parks, Travel and Leisure has a list of the best “secret” ones.  (Not sure how secret they are, but they all sure look beautiful.)

From the realm of pure delight, Gawker has a series of delightful baboon stock footage that everyone should look at immediately.

And I don’t normally go in for cute little kid videos (I typically prefer my cute in animal form) but this British child learning that he’s going to be a big brother is freaking INSANELY ADORABLE.  It’s a little long, but worth it for the accent alone.  (Side note – how do I quickly immigrate to England so our baby can grow up with a British accent???)

Finally, it was National Women’s Equality Day this week and in honor of that, I’m posting the trailer for the upcoming documentary He Named Me Malala, about Malala Yousafzai, the incredibly inspiring and brave activist for women’s education who was shot in the head by the Taliban, but survived, and continues to devote her life toward bettering educational opportunities for every woman, everywhere.  She’s a real life superhero and I admire her so much.  I’ll be in line to see this movie the second it comes out in October.

And that’s it for this week, dear readers!  Have a wonderful weekend!

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No Thanks, The Ocean!

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.04.13 PM


If you know me well, you know that I have a long standing, and not at all stupid (SHUT UP) fear of whales.  I also have a fear of the open sea, being in a submarine, and literally anything touching me that I can’t see while I’m in a water environment.  So basically, when it comes down to it, I have a fear of the entire god damned ocean.

But I think it’s more than a fear, really – it’s a healthy, natural distrust, based on logic and respect.   And honestly, when I think about it, we should ALL fear the ocean.

Look, before anyone gets all huffy and indignant – I’m not saying we should HATE or ignore the ocean.  I am not an idiot – I realize we NEED the ocean. Furthermore, we need the ocean to be much less polluted, overfished and generally garbage-ized than it is.  I understand that just like I understand that say, bears need to be protected and cared for.  But I don’t want to like, hang out with a bear.  I don’t want to have brunch with a bear.

“SO sorry I’m late, I just got out of the shower. Did you get us a table??”

Yes, I want to see bears taken care of, but I don’t want to befriend a bear.  I don’t want to go on some sort of crazy bear/human adventures where we maybe take a road trip and discover that we have more in common than we originally thought. (Okay, fine, maybe with this one bear.)  But aside from that adorable goofball bear, I would be happy to be at least 5 miles away from any bear at all times.  And that is exactly how I feel about the ocean.  We should protect it and clean it and keep it safe.

And then we should stay the fuck away from it forever.

Why, you may ask?  To which I would respond, ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?  Do you have, like, a pen to write it all down and a couple of hours? Because just off the top:

Tsunamis.  Sharks.  Whales.  Whale sharks.  Bioluminescent fish that look like floating brains.  Blobfish.  Whatever the fuck this thing is.  Octopi.  Giant Squids.  Gulper eels.  Typhoons.  Anglerfish. Seahorses and the horrifying way they give birth. Jellyfish.  The fact that the ocean is a giant fish toilet.  The fact that it’s a giant seagull toilet.  The fact that it’s a giant human toilet. Toxic waste.  Pollution.  Swimmin’ all up in that.  Rip tides.  Motherfucking SEAWEED.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.09.37 PM

Look, it might seem odd that I stopped on seaweed, which is probably the most harmless thing in the ocean (and maybe dry land as well) but here’s the thing about seaweed: when it touches you and you don’t know what it is – IT IS THE WORST THING, EVER.  IN THE WORLD.  PERIOD.  Slimy.  Clingy.  All moving around-y.  *shudders*

Once when I was 18 and in Hawaii, I was swimming in the ocean (okay, fine – kind of wading, about 10 feet from shore) when something giant and gross and terrible snaked around my leg like a god damn ocean monster.  I SCREAMED like I had been partially eaten by a shark and ran, an embarrassing, high kneed, gallop to the sand, where I collapsed in a ball of terror, trying to gauge the damage the sea monster had inflicted.

Two seconds post collapse, I realized that a very much non terrifying piece of seaweed was wound around my leg, which caused me to flush bright red and apologize to all of the small children I had frightened.  However – as embarrassed as I was I STAND BY MY REACTION.  Because here’s the two part MOST terrible thing about the ocean – a.) you can’t SEE A DAMN THING THAT IS HORRIBLY TOUCHING YOU and b.) there is no easy escape.

If you’re on dry land you can easily run from things that are scary.  (Or, if you’re lucky, drive a way in a safe, metal car.)  But in the water, you’re basically up to your eyeballs in water and waves and salt that stings and it is not easy to extract yourself from danger (real or… seaweed based.)  Whether you get attacked by a shark or merely brush up against a shark, suddenly and horribly making it aware of your presence, there’s no quick way to be like, whoops, never mind buddy, I am out of here!  Alas, until they invent submersible jet packs that can rocket you out of harm’s way and into a delightful ride to the safety of the shore (SOMEONE PLEASE INVENT THAT) you have to just calmly swim as hard as you can swim, which, if you’ve ever tried swimming quickly in the open ocean, is not that easy.

Furthermore, unlike dry land, the ocean is not meant for humans.  In say, a desert or on a mountain, or in a valley, you just relax for a minute.  Or several minutes!  You can lie down and just breathe.  You can’t just curl up and relax in the ocean because you will sink like a stone and die, probably later to be consumed by various sea vultures.  (My pet name for every type of life contained in the ocean.)  No, while you are a visitor in the sea, you must be actively keeping yourself alive at all times.  How exhausting.  How rude, really. You have to constantly float, swim, tread water, desperately cling to various floaties, whatever works, but no matter what you’re always fighting to stay alive.

This guy is making it look easier than it is.

This guy is making it look easier than it is.

And if you think hey, lady, the ocean is not as hostile of an environment as all that, I will counter with really?  Really?  Including the special fuck you from the ocean to humans – the fact that despite being made entirely of water (which humans desperately need) you can’t DRINK from the ocean or you will die?  That seems a little intentional, okay?  I feel like I’m not out of line to imagine that the ocean doesn’t want us all up in it.

That becomes even more true when you talk about the deep ocean, which constitutes well… the vast freaking majority of the ocean.  And talk about a hostile environment – the deep sea is 100% hostile to human life.  How hostile?  Well, you can’t go in it or you’ll die.  That hostile.

The pressure in the deep sea is too much for humans to bear, so we actually know very little about it.  In fact, we have only explored 5% of the ocean altogether, and almost none of the deep sea (and most of that exploration is just James Cameron!) Therefore, we know SO little about the deepest parts of the ocean, we keep finding species we thought to be extinct or made up.  And basically the amount of ocean space that we have not explored is SO vast, there could be anything down there, really.  Atlantis.  Ocean dinosaurs.  A really satisfying finale to Battlestar Galactica, I don’t know.

But what are the things we know about that are down there?  Deep, deep down in the vast expanse of deep ocean, where sunlight is but a memory and the pressure is enough to make a person squish like a bug?  Oh don’t worry it’s not terrifying!  It’s THE MOST TERRIFYING.  (Sorry, that was misleading.)

Here are some of the greatest hits of deep sea terror:

The gulper eel:

The giant squid:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.32.12 PM

The pacific viperfish:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.34.44 PM

The motherfucking GOBLIN SHARK:

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 7.56.12 PM

And perhaps the most terrifying thing of all is the concept of deep sea gigantism, which is the tendency of deep sea creatures to be a much larger size than their near surface dwelling counterparts.  Like the Japanese spider crab (12 feet, from claw to claw!) or the oarfish (up to 36 feet confirmed, 56 foot sightings reported!) just to name a couple of things to haunt your dreams.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.28.05 PM

Stop smiling! How are you all smiling?!?!

So, in closing, the ocean is a non stop horror show.  It’s so large that the sum total of all of the oceans dwarves every bit of land on earth.  And of that impossibly huge vastness, the teeny tiny, tippy top of the ocean is full of awful things!  From tsunamis to rip tides, to great whites sharks and a lot of poop.  And that’s the comforting, known part!  The majority of the ocean is dark, deadly to humans, and based on the small percentage of creatures we have discovered, full of LITERAL MONSTERS.

In closing, I concede that the ocean is beautiful to look at…

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.00.24 PM

– but so are a lot of deadly things.  Lions, loaded antique rifles, that pretty flower I ate as a child that turned out to be poisonous.  Lots of things!  But if you know what’s good for you, you’ll keep your distance from all of those, most especially… the god damned terrifying ocean.

(This has been a weird public service announcement.)

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Mean Maureen’s Internet Round Up

Guys, is the day over yet?  Is it the weekend?  I have had a looooong week.  How long, you ask?  Well, long enough that all I want to do is enjoy cute, funny or weird things from around the internet.  Perhaps you feel the same?


If so, there is no better place to start that perfectly timed photos that make dogs look like giants.

When you’re done with that, maybe you’d like to feel really bad about the inferior architectural quality of your sandcastles in comparison to these?

Also, because I’m a weirdo, I’ve been really into cryptozoology themed things lately, like this stuffed, wall mounted chupacabra or this adorable Nessie shirt.

Do you guys understand face contouring?  I don’t, really, but I agree with Jezebel that the before’s look much more fun.

I’ve been reading a little bit about Google’s #deepdream and it’s fascinating!  Though, definitely do not look at any of these images if you’re on drugs.  Or maybe do!  I’m not the boss of you/your drug habit.

And finally, in some unorthodox cute, check out these furry sea slugs!  Yes, sea slugs.  I wasn’t entirely convinced myself until I saw them in the gif where they move.  Very cute!

Well, sea slugs and chupacabras and optical illusions oh my!  I hope that was a lighthearted and fun transition into what I hope will be a wonderful weekend for you, friends!

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Life Lessons from Sleepless in Seattle: Stalking Works out Great if You’re Meg Ryan!

sleeplessGuys, other than When Harry Met Sally, I’m not generally much of a romantic comedy person.  Not that there’s anything wrong with romcoms!  Some of my best friends like romcoms!  But, they’re typically not my cup of tea.  However, I was stuck at home with a very terrified dog this 4th of July and when you have a shaking, crying ball of cuteness in your lap, I found that you want to watch something safe, fun and where you basically know what’s going to happen in the end.  Romcoms are very reassuring this way.  So I found Sleepless in Seattle on Netflix and figured I’d enjoy the 1.5 hours or whatever it was before obviously Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan would end up together on the top of the Empire State Building.

Anyway, there’s honestly barely anything worth summarizing about the plot because you probably have already seen this movie or have absorbed its contents via cultural osmosis, but here it goes anyway.  Tom Hanks plays Sam, who had a beautiful, perfect wife who loved baseball and their cute kid, Jonah.  Unfortunately, she died.  Understandably, Sam isn’t taking it that well and assumes he’ll never love anyone that much again.

Meanwhile, Meg Ryan plays Annie, who is engaged to Bill Pullman as Walter (not bad, Meg Ryan!) but for some reason, she has cold feet.  She gets even more concerned when her mother describes the magical feelings she had for her father and wonders if Walter is magical enough for her romantic nature.

Spoiler alert: he’s not.  In lieu of any actual personality defects, Walter has a bunch of allergies and no doubts about his love for Meg Ryan, so basically he’s boring and lame.  However, found everything that was supposed to turn us off about Walter (his near fatal reaction to any flower or food stimulus, his awkward dancing, etc.) to be absolutely adorable, so I guess I did not identify with the heroine much here.  Or at any point in the movie.  Especially when she stalks Tom Hanks across the country, spies on him playing with his child and then nearly gets hit by a car because she is so absorbed in her stalking.  YES, I AM BEING SERIOUS.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Long story short, Annie hears sad Jonah and sad Sam on the radio, talking about how much they love and miss the departed Mrs. Sam.  She immediately forms an attachment… which quickly moves into a full blown unhealthy obsession.  But because it’s fate and/or magic, we’re supposed to roll with it.

Annie writes a letter to Sam suggesting that they meet on top of the Empire State building, because it would probably be just as romantic as in that movie where the people actually knew each other.  But whatever.  This is all relatively normal.  She developed a connection to this guy’s story, sent him a letter, fine.  BUT THEN she decides to go full crazy.  Annie uses her job connections and then when that’s not enough, hires a private detective to spy on Sam and find out everything she can about him and his family.  She has the P.I. take pictures of him on a date, she finds out his home address, etc.  It’s insane!

I mean, if the gender roles were reversed here it would be red flag city!  Even as it was, with obviously non threatening Meg Ryan, I was mildly uncomfortable with her obsessive digging into this dude she has never met or spoken to, even before she flew to Seattle to stalk him.  But once flew there and showed up outside his goddamn home, I was like… wha???  This is supposed to be charming?  Then!  While standing, all stalkerish outside his house, she sees Sam and Jonah leaving on a boat and decides I will follow them around all day and spy on them like a total weirdo.  Not okay, lady!

After a full day of stalking, she parks across the street from their house and, as I mentioned before, nearly gets run down by a taxi because she is so absorbed in hungrily watching these total strangers that she is standing in the middle of a damn road. This is frightening behavior, guys!

ANYWAY.  She gets flustered (understandably!  maybe her brain is trying to come back online!) and decides to leave.  She goes back to Walter temporarily while kid related hijinks ensue.  Basically, Jonah is so in love with the letter that Annie wrote Sam, he decides to write back and tell her yes, they should meet at the top of the Empire State building, because only an 8 year old or a very delusional adult would agree to this plan of how strangers should meet.

But Jonah, being 8 (and again, on the same wavelength of ideas as full grown Annie) follows in her footsteps and flies across the country to meet a strange adult.  Of course, this is more terrifying because he’s a tiny, unaccompanied child.  Very soon after he leaves, Sam finds out and obviously, quite frantically, follows Jonah to New York.

At the same time, Annie is having a romantic dinner with Bill Pullman that turns sour when she decides to confess her whole insane I’ve-been-stalking-and-have-maybe-fallen-in-love-with-a-person-I-have-never-spoken-to thing.  Because this movie exists in an alternate universe where people are nuts, Walter doesn’t break up with her for being insane, but politely allows her to break up with him. Feeling terrible, Annie tells Walter that she doesn’t deserve him anyway.  (TRUEST THING YOU’VE SAID ALL MOVIE, LADY.)

At the exact moment that Walter’s heart is breaking in half, just like Ralph Wiggum’s on that one Simpson’s episode, the side of the Empire State building lights up with a bright red heart.  Of course, Annie takes it as a sign directly for her, and not say, something a tourist landmark does every single Valentine’s day, and rushes out to meet her total stranger.  I mean, her destiny.

Meanwhile, poor Jonah has been waiting up there for hours, talking to strangers and miraculously not being kidnapped or reported to the police by anyone who works there.  An understandably stressed out Sam is tearfully reunited with Jonah and yells at him way less than a normal, panicked parent would yell, but it’s sweet.  They leave in a hurry (maybe to get to more yelling) and accidentally forget Jonah’s backpack.

Annie meanwhile is, of course, running late (because of how it would be more dramatic) and is almost not permitted up to the top of the Empire State building!  I mean, I guess we have to throw in some kind of stakes before the ending that has been obvious from the beginning.  But guess what?  Guys, you’re never going to guess: THEY DO LET HER UP THERE.  AND THEN SAM AND JONAH ARE UP THERE TOO, TO GET THEIR MISSING BACKPACK.

I KNOW!!!!!!!!

But seriously?  I know this is supposed to be emotional and amazing, but she is up there seriously, going through and like… fondling this strange backpack when Sam sees her, and they share a Very Serious Moment, stare wise.  But I swear to god, if I saw some strange woman almost get hit by a car because she was so intently staring me down, across from my home in Seattle, and then I saw THAT SAME WOMAN staring me down while holding my child’s back pack in New York City, my first thought would be “Oh shit, I’m calling the police!” not “Oh, this must be fate!”

You cannot tell me this isn't a little bit creepy.

You cannot tell me this isn’t a little bit creepy.

But clearly, my monstrous reptile brain is not magical enough for this world.  Instead, of course, it IS fate and they touch hands and it’s the magic that Annie has been waiting for and that Sam never thought he would find again, in the whole… year and a half since his wife died.  (It’s really not that long of a time, guys!)

But anyway, despite my cynicism, I learned some very valuable lessons from this movie:

1.  Stalking works out really, really well if you’re Meg Ryan.

2.  You can make ridiculous plans and life choices, as long as they’re based on An Affair to Remember.

3. Forget compatibility, similar life goals or knowing someone’s middle name – the only thing that matters in terms of soulmates is a magic feeling that you feel when your fingers touch.  (Which means I probably have to divorce my husband and remarry the next person who gives me a static electricity shock.)

4.  If you haven’t dated 1.5 years after your spouse dies that is apparently a red flag that something is wrong, not a totally normal period of grieving.

5.  Despite not wearing ONE SINGLE FLATTERING OUTFIT IN THE ENTIRE MOVIE, Meg Ryan is able to snag both Bill Pullman and Tom Hanks, just with the sheer power of her Meg Ryanness.

6.  An 8 year old and a 30 year old woman will be on the same page about romance and life choices.

7. In the early 90’s no one knew what tiramisu was, or what a good male butt looked like.  What a dark, unenlightened age!

Look, in conclusion, for all my complaining, this was a perfectly fine, enjoyable movie.  I guess my biggest problem with it is that it took the romantic end of An Affair to Remember (a movie about two people who, you know, had actually met and had a deep and complicated love story) and then inserted it into a movie of two total strangers.  I am all for love and romance.  I believe in (to a certain extent) fate and things that unite people beyond their control.  But Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan never had a chance to have a connection or a spark (other than a couple of stalky glances) because they never met until the final scene, which makes it have much less of an emotional impact.  And honestly overall just really made me want to watch An Affair to Remember.

Which maybe I will do right now!  Anyway, happy Monday, all!  I hope you’ve enjoyed my complaining and sarcastic life lessons learned from one of the most successful romantic comedies of all time!

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