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Cute of the Week: Corgi Wins the Dance Contest Going On In My Heart

I suppose I should tell you – in my heart, there’s always a dance contest going on.  I never win or participate, since I cannot really dance, so it’s mostly adorable animals and cartoons.   (Side note: just realizing as I’m typing – does this make me sound COMPLETELY INSANE???)  Anyway, concerns about my sanity aside, I stumbled on this video of a corgi twerking to the song Bubble Butt and it is THE BEST, MOST HILARIOUS THING IN THE ENTIRE KNOWN UNIVERSE.

I hope I’m not overselling it.  But that would be IMPOSSIBLE, so I suppose I’m not terribly concerned.  Now, to be completely fair, I am notoriously bad about keeping up with pop culture, so I am not sure if the corgi is really “twerking” here, or just moving its butt in a hilarious and adorable way.  You cooler and younger folk can be the judge of the degree of twerk.  As for me, I’ll just be watching this again, several times in a row, until my stomach hurts from laughing.

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Cute of the Week – Columbus the Bulldog

Now, this dog is a lot of things – cute, persistent, wrinkly, strong… but I’m not certain how smart he is.  I mean, he’s not as dumb as this famously cute and stupid weirdo, but he doesn’t appear smart enough to realize that his weight is going to keep tipping the hammock over.  (Over and over and OVER again.)

OR!  Maybe he is exactly that smart, knows what he’s doing, and loves to tip the hammock over and then hop on it again like a seesaw.  (That’s what his owners think and mention in the youtube video description.)  I however… am unconvinced.

But whether he’s an adorable dumb dog who falls over a lot, or an adorable genius who has transformed a humble hammock into a trampoline, the result is VERY CUTE.  Enjoy!

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