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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!

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Hello, dear readers!  Today is a fun day in Mean Maureenland – it’s my birthday AND, as of today, I officially have 100 days left until Baby Mean arrives.  (Of course, babies rarely arrive on their exact due dates, but is important for me to mark these milestones because pregnancy lasts approximately INFINITY DAYS and I need to feel like I’m making progress.)  So, huzzah!  Huzzah to me for staying alive another year, and huzzah to baby Mean for growing like a champ and getting closer and closer to joining us in the Land Outside My Womb (which is also the title of an absolutely horrible children’s book I just came up with.)

ANYWAY, weekend!  In honor of my birthday and Halloween, I’m gonna do a fall themed round up today.  Perhaps you are celebrating Halloween a bit early with some parties?  Perhaps you are going out for a hike wherever you are, enjoying the brisk fall weather and crisp, fallen leaves?  Or, you know, if you live in LA like me, you are going to be expending most of your energy denying the fact that is going to be 90 god damned degrees in my neighborhood tomorrow.  BUT WHATEVER, I’M STILL GOING TO PRETEND IT’S FUN FALL TIME.

For example, I’m going to order some of these adorable literary themed tights to wear and ward off the chill in the air!

And maybe I’ll make a version of these cute spider chocolate chip cookies!

Or drink these delicious looking fall themed mocktails!

Maybe I’ll channel my inner Martha Stewart (okay, fine, more like my inner Pinterest fail) and carve or decorate a pumpkin!

And you know what?  Fuck you, unseasonably warm weather, I’M MAKING SOME GOD DAMNED PUMPKIN SOUP.

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful fall weekend, whatever the weather, and that I can tone down my hostility toward mother nature enough to enjoy my own weekend!  See you Monday!

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up

Moving truck

Hi all!  Well, this will be a quick weekly wrap up for me because I’m moving this weekend!  Yes, moving and pregnant, just like I always dreamed!  Ha ha ha ha… I’m making jokes so as not to be stressed out about not being able to help as much as I’d like.  But!  I am an excellent bosser arounder and pointer to things, so don’t worry, my husband will be fine!  Also, we have barely any stuff because the apartment we’re moving from is so super duper tiny.  So recede, please, moving related stress!  I have vanquished thee with facts!

ANYWAY, says everyone who clicked on this blog post to find out about cool stuff on the internet, not the details of my moving adventures, GET ON WITH IT, MEAN.

Okay, okay!  Sheesh.  Here are this week’s interesting things I found!  STOP HARASSING ME.

First of all, I kind of want these cat mugs, as tribute to my very best pet investment.  (Though I will probably wait for them to go on sale.)

Also, since I’m having to enjoy the summer without alcohol (NOOOOOOOO, she screamed sadly) I’ve been getting pret-ty into mocktails.  Especially the slushy kind, now that I finally bought a blender.  Virgin margaritas, I am about to drink a lot of you!

In actual NEWS type news, a wing from missing flight MH370 was found on a remote island in the Indian Ocean.  Hopefully putting to rest some of the media’s more… outlandish (this is the nicest word I can come up with for this) scenarios.

And this week marked the 70 year anniversary of the atomic bomb being dropped on Hiroshima.  Because of the anniversary, the New Yorker has released the full Hiroshima story written by John Hersey, first published in 1946.  I’m only about a third of the way through it and it is remarkable.  Highly recommend.

Finally, in much less depressing anniversaries, a New Jersey woman turned 110 and credits her remarkable endurance to taking a shot of whiskey and drinking three Miller High Lifes a day!  Wow!  Turns out when I was in my 20’s I was secretly working on my longevity!

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend, everybody.  May you sleep in and catch up on errands and fun.  And most importantly, may you not have to move in August!  *pity party of one*

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