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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round up!

Hey, all!  Slightly later round up tonight because I had work drinks to attend this evening.  Or, in my case, being pregnant, some very intoxicating club soda with lime.  (PS – I MISS WINE. SIGH.)  Anyway, enough of my sad, alcohol free existence – let’s get to the weekly wrap up!


One of the biggest stories of the week was the ridiculous, sad and embarrassing arrest of 14 year old Ahmed Mohamed for building a clock.  In order to maintain my going into the weekend optimism, I’m going to focus on the bright side – that Ahmed has received praise and invitations from no less than the White House, Google and Facebook, that this has shone a much needed spotlight on Islamophobia, and that he’s leaving his stupid high school for something (hopefully) better.  Needless to say, #IstandwithAhmed.

Anyway, in non crazy news, it’s going to be fall soon (ALLEGEDLY, anyway), and the onset of fall/winter weather means the possibility of rain!  Which means, you should probably buy this adorable doggie rain jacket like my friend Angie did, if your dog hates the rain as much as our doggies do.

I can’t tell if this is relaxing or anxiety producing, but I found this National Geographic short film on lava flow very mesmerizing.

One very unique way to save $$$ on a wedding photographer.

And in serious world news, the LA Times has an amazing, important article and photo series on the refugee crisis, particularly focused on those fleeing Syria.

(PS – If you’re looking for guidance donation wise, the International Rescue Committee is a very good organization and they were one of Google’s vetted partners during their campaign to match refugee crisis donations.  You can donate at this link.)

And finally, your moment of zen – the most chilled out donkey in the world.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!  May you be as relaxed as a donkey in a hammock, and as unarrested as a budding young scientist!

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