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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!

Happy Day Before Halloween, people!  Don’t forget to stock up on candy for trick or treaters, and oh yeah, please don’t copy any of these horrifying Peanuts Halloween costumes the Today show trotted out to remind us the true meaning of terror!  I mean…


I seriously have this photo saved as “nightmare fuel” on my desktop.

If you’re some sort of masochist who wants to see ALL of the horrific Peanuts themed costumes, here, you sick bastard.

Need a palate cleanser after that?  Of course you do.  Here, look at this beautiful wolf, checking out a research camera in his habitat.

Also, here’s a fun story about a guy meeting his doppleganger, who was sitting in his seat on a plane.

Getting back on the Halloween related links though, here’s Popular Science nerding out on Halloween candy and what exactly is in it.  (The deconstructed Snickers still looks delicious to me, btw.)

Also, Buzzfeed has an article about what it’s like to be a Halloween costume model.

And finally, here’s the latest from Josh Sundquist, an awesome guy who lost his left leg to cancer as a child and who is now a motivational speaker and basically King of Halloween Costumes.

Happy Halloween weekend, all!  Try not to eat all of your candy before the trick or treaters arrive!  (I am going to buy candy I don’t really like to prevent that from happening to me.  Sorry kids, who will be getting Jolly Ranchers, World’s Worst Candy.)

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Mean Maureen’s Weekly Internet Round Up!


Hey guys, happy Friday!  Well, kind of happy Friday.  I am not feeling the best, personally, so I’m looking forward to a weekend of straight LOUNGING.  But before that, check out what captured my attention on the ol’ interwebs this week:

I continue to be amazed by the progress in the quest to revive extinct animals.  Also, ps – I WANT A WOOLY MAMMOTH, GUYS!!!  I SHALL NAME HIM STAMPY!

Pizza Hut announced new pizza surrounded by pigs in blankets.  “Because, fuck it!” – the CEO of Pizza Hut, I’m guessing.

This photographer took a series of photos of her daughters with a “strong is the new pretty” theme and it’s pretty damned wonderful.

You need to read about the short, tragic life of Kalief Browder.

As a reward for getting through that heartbreak, here: this baby pudu (the smallest variety of deer) took the internet by storm with its insane amount of cute.

In other awesome news, a sexist nobel prize winning scientist, got some pretty wonderful responses from female scientists after his absurd and offensive remarks.  The #distractinglysexy hashtag is hilarious and fun, but it’s also just great to see so many badass female scientists hard at work in the field or the lab.

This animated data of WWII fatalities is stunning – not just because of the epic scale, but because it’s presented so beautifully.  I think we’re at the beginning of a whole wave of data/infographic art, and it’s super cool.

Cute update of the lunch atop a skyscraper photo for the future.

And that’s it for now!  Enjoy your weekend!

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