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Cute of the Week: Sorry, WHAT Did You Say About My Trunk?

I debated whether or not to choose this video as my Cute of the Week because, even though this is a baby elephant and he’s not really charging per se, elephant charging in general is dangerous and scary and I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about it and think it’s cute.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE elephants.  They are amazingly intelligent and wonderful and are basically better than humans in nearly every way!  That said, if they get startled or enraged they will straight up trample you to death.  So, just because elephants are awesome doesn’t mean we shouldn’t all have a healthy fear of an elephant charge.

In fact, I have some personal experience with this!  I was lucky enough to go on a walking safari through a national park in Ghana when I was many, many years younger, and we spotted some elephants nearby.  Our guide, a nice man, with a very large scar on his face and a very loaded automatic gun on his back, was deadly serious about us all freezing, keeping absolutely still and silent while we observed the elephants from afar.  (Again, we were on a walking safari, so were without the protection of a fast driving, metal car.)  We had encountered many different animals at this point in the walk, but it was only with the elephants that the guide became very strict with us and had us line up behind him (and his gun.)

Of course, at this exact moment, I took the last picture in my super old fashioned camera, and it started to loudly and automatically rewind the film, with a high pitched, terrible whine.  Our guide whipped around in my direction, with actual FEAR in his eyes, and said “Madam, please, quiet your camera!”  Remember – this was a man with a tough looking scar across his face and a gun full of bullets and he was looking at me with fear in his eyes!  Elephant fear!  I managed to stuff my camera into a sweatshirt and muffle the sound enough to prevent us getting trampled to death, but I always remembered that moment and how I learned that you should not fuck around with elephants in the wild.  (Or maybe how you shouldn’t go on walking safaris.  They seemed pretty dangerous!  We were like, 18 years old?  Who planned that???)

Anyway!  Apparently the people filming this video while on jeep safari did not get that Don’t Mess With Elephants in the Wild memo, but I’m gonna let it slide because, my long winded elephant charging PSA aside, BABY ELEPHANTS ARE SO CUTE IT’S ALL WORTH IT.  Seriously, when thinking about baby elephants I AM FORCED TO TYPE IN ALL CAPS OUT OF OVERWHELMING JOY.  And really more than anything, more than even being trampled to death, isn’t that all that matters?

Wait, no, that’s not right.  But whatever, please enjoy this adorable elephant:

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